Artist Statement

I make art as a response to my immediate surroundings, as an urge and attempt to navigate its layers and complexities. I work with the subject of memory, both collective and personal, and I am fascinated by the intersecting realms of trauma/ tragedy and hope, and the many ways humans deal with and process these notions. Through the creation of a meditative ritual within my art practice, and a continuous quest for the imaginary and the fantastical, I reflect on the individual and general necessity of constructing meaning around heavy realities.

My work weds technical intricacy to intellectual concept. I create handmade objects in a variety of forms that include drawn and painted word or image, sculpture, and interventions.

Since 2010, I have pursued a personal visual language that combines characteristics of hand drawings with conceptual narratives. A story is infiltrated in order to hint at a specific time and place that I am part of. Through an intense process that may involve the layering and arranging of elaborate motifs as well as creating splashes of explosions, amorphous characters, or rhythms, a synthesis of open-ended readings is realized.